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What countries can I get a report from?

As well as online reports we also have agents in all countries worldwide. Our reports are prepared and designed for credit and financial status checking and corporate due diligence.

How much does a company credit report cost?

The prices vary depending on the country, and the speed of service you require. We price our reports in Credits. The cost of each Credit is fixed at £8 (GBP) so you can see how many Credits are required and calculate a fixed cost in GBP (British Pounds).

The prices we are able to offer through our chosen agents are already among the lowest, if not the lowest available worldwide, so we do not complicate things by applying discounts - there are none. Click here to see full list of countries and prices.

How fast can I have a company report?

For some European countries reports may be available instantly online or when not available online, within 4 hours. In most other cases the fastest service for preparing a report is 48 hours with a choice of speeds giving the option for a slower service at a lower cost:

  • Fast 2-5 days
  • Medium 5-8 days
  • Slow 8-12 days
What information is in a report?

The information supplied will vary considerably depending upon filing requirements in each country as some countries do not require businesses to disclose detailed information. However we will provide as much information as possible on the company concerned.

If you contact us before placing your request we can try to provide a broad indication of what is normally available in a particular country. However please note that we cannot guarantee what information will be filed in advance of the report because it is the process of compiling of the report which reveals this information.

Whether data is available may also depend upon whether the company is an incorporated company, is trading and has been trading long enough to require filing of accounts information, and is compliant with any requirements to do so. None of these are within our control. If enough information can be obtained our agents always try to provide a credit report with financial status opinion.

Where does the information come from?

The information comes from corporate and credit data providers and public and commercial sources of information in the country of enquiry.

How can I see any personal data you hold about me under GDPR?

We only provide business credit reports, we do not provide reports on consumers. We are unlikely to hold any data on individuals that is not already in the public domain. For more information about the data we hold and how to make a request to see personal data please see Subject Data Access Request.

How can I correct or change information about my company?

We do not control or edit the information held by company registries but company directors may be able to control the information disclosed about them by contacting the company registry in the country of incorporation.

How does your company approach privacy and personal data?

Please see more information here about Privacy and Personal Data.

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